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PerformanceRising: Raise the Results

Huge profit-producing performances happen in "the zone’, where effort meets opportunity and winning comes easy. Leader thrive in the zone. Athletes strive for the zone. And coaches help them get there. That is where is this program takes you.

  • Double sales or profits
  • Turnaround flailing projects or ventures
  • Increase your productivity substantially
  • Unleash exceptional growth in your business
  • Make big money in less time

Depending on your situation, you will get:

BusinessPowerCoaching which turns struggling projects or ventures into big producers, capitalizes on assets and leverages failings to substantially increase productivity and profits.

PerformancePowerCoaching which slashes timewasters and energy drainers, builds your assets into advantages and requests really huge goals to power you to achieve big results.

PersonalProfitsCoaching which dislodge mental blocks to earning really big money, break debilitating habits and gain the courage and the means to be rich.

Just call to have a chat with
Marjorie. You’ll tell me a little about yourself and I’ll tell you a little about me and what we do. This way you get a feel for me and my company. If it clicks, we decide on the best format for your coaching.

Contact Kathy at our offices. 800.331.9444 (phone); 303.738.9449 (fax); [email protected] (email) and she’ll arrange the complimentary conference.


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