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I formulated the LeaderSecrets program after ten years of corporate consulting in employee development having worked with thousands of individual corporate clients. My mission is to uncover what success is for you or your business and to bring it into your life and your work.

I have built a successful career and a thriving business enterprise balanced with a family of four children, a happy marriage, volunteer board service and private business ventures with my husband... and I still have time for personal pleasures. You and your business can have this kind of success and much more.

Marjorie Wall Hofer, M.Ed, principal coach

  • President of OPTIM Development Systems, Inc.

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • Member of International Coaching Federation

  • Corporate Coach University International Affiliate

  • Adult Learning Specialist, Masters Degree

  • Designated Pathways Distance Learning Consultant

  • Career and Employment Counseling Certificates

  • College Educator and Corporate Trainer

  • Licensed provider of "THE PATH" and TTI DISC

  • Master of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Twenty years experience in the field

  • Executive Member of Boards of Directors

  • Just as importantly, wife and mother of four

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OPTIM Development Systems, Inc.

OPTIM Development Systems, Inc., a human development firm founded in 1991, specializes in getting people on and up the right career track and building them into effective leaders in their organizations. It operates from these core principles:

  1. an individual is a unique package that gifts and equips them for a work and forms a rudimentary style;
  2. upon this foundation of style and talents can be built a structure of leadership character;
  3. each area of an individual’s life is interwoven with and affecting the others; recognizing and working with the whole will produce greater and more lasting effects;
  4. an individual will develop, grow and change their behaviors under the right conditions and only when that individual experiences a gap, has a need to change, and sees benefits from the change;
  5. an individual must have access to tools and resources to implement changes when they most need them; and
  6. coaching has been found to provide the real-time, just-in-time, situation-specific, personally relevant training that is one of the most powerful mechanism for achieving dramatic results in personal growth and leader development.

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