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Corporate Services: Take the Lead

Market-dominating corporations recognize the power and value of their employees. They acknowledge that highly competent people are a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Outstanding organizations have strong performers and effective leaders at every level, not just the top.

OPTIM Development Systems, Inc. offers two types of services to companies:

PowerCoaching for Corporations
Corporate Pathways Center

PowerCoaching for Corporations

Across the nation, employers spend millions every year on one-shot training programs with the hope of raising employee productivity and leadership effectiveness. Typically, however, actual performance improvements are short-lived, with learners implementing only a fraction of their new knowledge. PowerCoaching, however, maximizes points of highest potential absorption, capitalizing on these "learning moments" to optimize learning, retention and application.

For the cost of the average one-day training event, OPTIM provides an entire month of coaching:

  • LeadershipCoaching: Take the Lead

  • PerformanceCoaching: Raise the Curve

  • CareerCoaching: Productivity with Passion

PowerCoaching provides real-time, just-in-time, situation specific, personally relevant training... and therefore is one of the most powerful mechanism for achieving dramatic results in human growth.

Contact [email protected] to arrange a corporate services consultation and additional information.

Corporate Pathways Center

Professional mobility and the strategic advancement of skills are crucial to the continuing productivity and employment longevity of employees... And, leading corporations recognize the benefits of investing in their employees. Career center tools, services and resources engage employees to build the critical self-management skill sets that allow them to initiate efforts to align with corporate goals. Resources centers provide that "added value" necessary to attract top-notch workers in today’s tight job market. Yet, with the need to increase shareholder value in our competitive economy, housing an entire resource centers have become cost prohibitive. Our virtual and customized center is the answer.

OPTIM Development Services offers a virtual and customized career resources centers to corporations for the average cost of an EAP:

  • DevelopmentConsulting: Complete Career Planning

  • LearningResources: Education Assessment, Selection

  • WorkAssessments: Career, Learning, Leadership Tools

  • JobServices: Resumes, Interviewing, Internal Networking

Contact [email protected] to arrange a corporate services consultation and additional information.

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