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Virtual Coaching

What is it?  Simply put, it is coaching via email.  You select the topic; I create the coaching questions and thoughts.  You receive one each weekday for one month.  It's that simple. 

I decided to create VirtualCoaching because an executive-level client continually struggled with balance issues.  Her Enneagram style confirmed that she is prone to drive for perfection at the sacrifice of physical needs.  Rather than spend time at each of coaching sessions to deal with these issues, I developed a series of questions related to this topic and sent them to her each month.  She found it so helpful that she requested more question series.   VirtualCoaching worked for her . . . and it can help you too. 

 VirtualCoaching Works.

It creates a consistent, concentrated method for you to focus your attention on one area at at time.  It places a spotlight on key beliefs, fears and mental models that hinder us from reaching our potential.

VirtualCoaching Power.

It can never replace the power of a personal coach who listens for critical learning moments to place a question before you.  However, you will know that it is working for you if you experience resistance to any suggestion.  Resistance is the key to unlocking limiting behaviors and beliefs.  

VirtualCoaching Requires.

Your commitment to fully invest in the program for a single month.  Remember this is your opportunity to add  the missing critical skills, attitudes and behaviors that will make you more effective and successful.

VirtualCoaching Time.

While your full commitment is required, the demands on your time are minimal.  You simply open your email and complete the task.  On average, you can expect to spend approximately 7 minutes a day completing a task.

VirtualCoaching Best.

It works best if you cut some events from your calendar to allow the space for changes to be integrated fully.  You may want to use the emails to elicit thoughts for your journal.  You may want to medidate on the daily email as you drive home from work.  Give some extra time for added benefits.

VirtualCoaching Affordable.

It 's a fraction of the cost of a personal coach.  It costs less than a tank of gas for most vehicles.  You can afford it.   Better yet, you can get it for free when you sign up for one of my PowerCoaching programs.  

VirtualCoaching Choices.

More choices are added every month.  Check out our current offerings.  If you do not see the one you want, simply email us and I will create one especially for you.  Click on your choice for more information.  Sign me up now.

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