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Careers Rising: Reach Your Passion

Moving up the ladder or on to your own business is only part of this program. A truly successful career is one which allows you to express what you care deeply about in your work. And no career is completely satisfying unless you live a life to enjoy it.

  • Know who you really are and what you truly want
  • Grow the career you choose-quickly
  • Manage your career all the way to the top
  • Build a life to enjoy it

Depending on your situation, we provide consider:

DiscoveryCoaching which reveals what makes you happy, builds on what you do best, helps you get clear and focused faster than you could ever have on your own.

JobCoaching which supplies you with innovative self-marketing strategies, hottest tips for powerful resumes, interviews and negotiations, and the motivation to get the new job fast.

CareerBuilderCoaching which dramatically accelerates your advancements. You will develop surefire strategies to "win" the career game, build 100 percent career security and manage your move up.

LoveMyLifeCoaching which applies key leader secrets to regain control over competing work and life demands so you can live the life you want.

Check out the Career Decision Model from Secrets&Specials Library or a CareerRising Assessment from the PathwaysCenter.

Just call to have a chat with
Marjorie. You’ll tell me a little about yourself and I’ll tell you a little about me and what we do. This way you get a feel for me and my company. If it clicks, we decide on the best format for your coaching.

Contact Kathy at our offices. 800.331.9444 (phone); 303.738.9449 (fax); [email protected] (email) and she’ll arrange the complimentary conference.


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