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If you are a "classic USWest" employee with Qwest you receive Pathways services at NO CHARGE as part of your bargained-for benefits. As a Pathways consultant, I provide these services to you:

  • ConfidentialConsult  with a Pathways Consultant: for recommendations and short-cuts to reach your goals
  • CareerPlanning: for career growth and ways to achieve a better career fit
  • EducationalPlanning: for selecting the best school and training to achieve your career goal
  • DistanceLearning: to discover the best schools and courses available via internet, computer diskette, correspondence, video and teleconference 
  • AdvisingandAssessments: to identify the best course for your goals
  • PriorLearningAssessments: to identify  work and other experiences for which  you can receive college credit

You receive these services benefits at no charge once we verify your eligibility with your SSN and employment date (TOE).

Submit Ed Plan along with Ed/Career Criteria Form to speed services.


Even if you are not with USWest you may access these services by contacting us at [email protected].


ConfidentialConsultations                 Speak with Marjorie - your Pathways Consultant - to set you on the right track quickly. Donít waste time guessing or searching for the best answer for your career. Use the 45 minutes consultation to get confidential career advice from the expert. Solve that difficult work dilemma, discover the next best steps to take, get clear about what you really need, and/ or learn about the best training or education for your career goals.

Discover and plan the best path for career enjoyment and work success. The costs of unsatisfying or unchallenging work can be as detrimental to your company as to you. Absenteeism, job turnover, low productivity, violence in the workplace and no career growth affect the corporate bottom-line just as boredom, dissatisfaction and a job mismatch affect your emotional health and long-term income. Effective career planning will get you on a track that leads to your personal and your company's success.

Choose the right program for your goals and needs. Training and education are two major investments. They are tools that create value in and for you.  Build your portfolio of competencies so that you become an necessary commodity to your employer. Unfortunately we enroll  too often  in the most visible or "promoted" schools and programs and not necessarily the best one for yourself. Education Planning with Marjorie will help you identify the best training solutions for your situation.


This is the choice for workers with erratic or demanding schedules.  You can take classes and complete entire degrees from home or when you travel through distance learning options. As of 1999, a vast number of courses and degrees became available via computer and the internet.  Or, if you prefer, you can take classes via correspondence or videotape.  Marjorie and her staff have knowledge of lots of eligible training and degrees.  Contact them via email or phone to find one that works for you.

If you need to learn the best classes to take, the best training to seek or the best career to pursue within the company - your Pathways Consultant - Marjorie can help.  She has several top-rated assessments to make career choices more quickly and training choice more appropriate.  In addition, as a Designated Learning Consultant and over 10 years of advising experience, she can help you identify the best courses for you.  

You can identify the work and training experiences that may count as college credits toward a degree.  There are several ways that you may get college credit for prior learning.

(1) take a standardized test such as CLEP (for general core courses) or Dantes (for technical courses) ,

(2) challenge a course by taking the instructor's exam, 

(3) write a portfolio of your experiences as they relate to the objectives of a specific course and supply various documents to support that learning.  Speak with Marjorie if you think that you might be able to get credit for what you already know.  

For information or an appointment, call Kathy at 1.800.331.944 or fax her at 303.738.9449 or email [email protected] USWest Employees must provide SSN to verify eligibility for Pathways Free Services. Thank you.

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