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Joanne C. anticipated being laid off as a result of a restructuring effort in her department. Even though she had over 20 years at this Fortune 100 company, she had lost the political advantages of the new culture. When she met with me for resume help, I told her that wasn’t what she needed at all. She needed to learn new "leader secrets." The company has continued to re-engineer, but Joanne’s future is secure. She has aligned herself to politically powerful and savvy executives that have protected her job and are positioning her to get her ideal position within the company. The secret: Leaders make strategic alliances and go for what they want.

Bob V. finally "gave in" to trying me out. He had always thought that coaching services were "airy fairy" and certainly not for him. In a moment of desperation he had taken a position well below his potential and previous experiences and now needed help to turnaround his flailing career in a bureaucratic company. Within two months of working with me, he became the vice-president of a venture capital company. The secret: leaders know their mission.

Keith M. couldn’t seem to get his career jump-started. He had a job that bored him and he had grown desperate to escape it. We began by identifying his talents and the job he’d most love doing. Then we set out to position himself to land it. However, he continued to be frustrated by analyzing and perfecting the choice. Once he stopped resisting and applied his key to success, job opportunities showed up. He is now thrilled to be working at a fulfilling and challenging job that uses his talents and positioning himself for his dream career. The secret: leaders act and move forward in the present reality.

Lisa S. has worked with me for several years to position herself for the executive track. When we first met, she had few qualities or qualifications for moving up the career ladder. She held a production-like computer job, but had no college degree or mentoring relationships. Within a two year period, she has advanced three times and established a couple mentoring relationship, not to mention nearing completion of her degree. The mentoring relationships not only advanced her managerial skill sets, they have become "corporate angels" delivering more and more opportunities for advancement. She is now sought after by several departments within her Fortune 500 company. She calls me her "life line to success" for teaching her how to "mine" the secrets that make leaders succeed. The secret: leader are connected.

Janelle W. wanted to maximize her potential and still have time for the daughter she needed and wanted to raise. She was working in a department that was being phased out even though she expected to be spared. This was the perfect incentive to begin the quest. Through a process of discovery and exploration, she gained a solid understanding of her gifts and talents. When an ideal executive position opened up, she worked with me to position herself for the job. She received the promotion, even after initially being told they were looking for someone with different qualities. Congratulation, Janelle. The secret: Leaders know their strengths and communicate them effectively.

Audrey B. was a superior manager of computer experts at a Fortune 100 company when she contacted me. She had grown tired of the increasing demands of the high-tech industry as well as the conflicting needs of multiple client groups she had to satisfy on a daily basis. Employees, new technology launches, senior executive and various customers were demanding her time, and so was her family. She had two young children and a husband she was committed to being there for. She contacted me to help her find the right solution. After exhausting all the angles within her corporate environment, she landed a job with a financial company that was less dependent on the whims of technological growth and corporate subordinates. She now has time for her family without being exhausted by the demands of her job and has more money to spend as well. The secret: Leaders do not sacrifice family to have it all.
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