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Leaders Rising: Take the Lead

Succeed and excel the way real leaders do - and not how you expect. Significance and power grow with grace and service. If you are ready to tackle the paradox, you are ready for this program.

  • Make the difference, stand apart, achieve significance
  • Ride to the top of your game
  • Leverage set backs and challenges
  • Attract real successes and big opportunities
  • Rise to seemingly effortless achievement
  • Lead to leave a legacy

Depending on your situation, you will receive:

StyleCoaching which draws out your leader, sends the right impressions from the inside, requires you to "be" not do and builds your character of success.

PerformanceCoaching which provides strategies to build reserves of energy and time and to create performance and influence personnel pools so you achieve huge goals.

LeadershipCoaching which asks you to act like a leader even if you might feel like a manager or producer and cause change that makes a big difference.

Check out the Good Leader Versus... Chart in Secrets&Specials Library or a LeadersRising Assessment from the PathwaysCenter.

Just call to have a chat with
Marjorie. You’ll tell me a little about yourself and I’ll tell you a little about me and what we do. This way you get a feel for me and my company. If it clicks, we decide on the best format for your coaching.

Contact Kathy at our offices. 800.331.9444 (phone); 303.738.9449 (fax); [email protected] (email) and she’ll arrange the complimentary conference.


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