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About PathwaysCenter

What is the Pathways Center?

It is a center where you have access to career and educational planning services, tools and resources. It functions like a virtual Corporate Career Resources Center with complete confidentiality from its corporate sponsor.

What is Pathways to the Future?

This Center is part of the USWest Pathways to the Future Program which provides tuition assistance and career planning services to its regular employees with more than 6 months service at the company.

What do I have access to under the USWest Pathways Program?

You have access to all of the services and tools AT NO CHARGE mentioned within the PathwaysCenter section. Coaching services do not apply.

Why do I have to provide my employee date and SSN?

Your SSN and TOE Term of Employment (or start date) allow me to determine if you are an eligible employee for this benefit and have access to services at no charge.

What if I am not a USWest Employee?

You can gain access to these services and tools for a fee. The fee can be paid by you or your company. You might encourage your company to create such a benefit program for its employees.

How much do these services and resources cost?

All assessment fees are listed. Other services typically cost $99 to $199 depending on the request. Tell us about the service you want and we’ll let you know exactly how much it is. [email protected]

What if I just want an Assessment package?

If you simply want an assessment package, complete the order form with your credit card information and send it to us by fax or email. USWest employees simply need to supply us with SSN and start date as regular employee.

How do I get started?

If you are a USWest Employee, simply send us an email with your SSN and TOE date and what assistance you would like... or complete the Ed Plan to start the tuition assistance process, then fax that to our offices 303.738.9449.

If you are a not an employee of USWest, call or email Kathy and she will get you started at [email protected]

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