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For "Classic USWest" employees
Lots of new choices. Choose a topic & get email miders to fast track results for the month.


Do you now what training you want but don’t have the time to find the course? Let us help save you the time. We specialize in Distance Learning or non-traditional education and training.

No vendor training options are eligible for this service. However, top-rated business colleges and private schools are willing to customize their courses and bring them to your site for approximately 10 students.

You might want to complete the CourseFinder/ Education Planner questionnaire in Secrets&Specials Library.

For information or an appointment, call Kathy at 1.800.331.944 or fax her at 303.738.9449 or email [email protected] USWest Employees must provide SSN to verify eligibility for Pathways Services at no Charge. Thankyou.



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