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LeadersRising Assessments

Leadership consultants assert that the first step to success is to "know thyself". With the knowledge of your "product", you are able to position yourself to succeed even if you have great weaknesses.

MBTI Comprehensive Report Package
   One comprehensive assessment with multiple report booklets which measures your natural personality or style, presents information about other styles and environmental triggers to stress and poor performance and how to avoid them along with two 55 minute interpretative phone consultations with an experienced coach..

TTI DISC Comprehensive Report
   Quick assessments that produce a personalized comprehensive profile regarding your natural and adaptive styles along with a 55 minute interpretative phone consultation with an experienced coach.

OPTIM Leadership Assessment
   Powerful self-scoring, continuous improvement oriented assessment tool which can be used as a 360 feedback assessment regarding critical style and behavior factors of powerful and effective leaders along with one 45 minute coaching session with Marjorie Wall Hofer, principal coach.

Prices for these packages range from $199 to $399.

For information on prices and ordering, or to schedule an appointment, call Kathy at 1.800.331.944 or fax her at 303.738.9449 or email pathways@leadersecrets.com.
These packages are not eligible for USWest Pathways program.





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