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CareersRising Assessments

"Know thyself" is the foundation on which you build the "house" of your career... and your success. Career assessment tools tie your loose array of ideas and self-knowledge into tight descriptions and concrete suggestions. You can use the lists of enjoyable careers to select from, the descriptors to explain your style and strengths, and the values to clarify what is most important so you can make better decisions faster.

While many of services can be obtained for less money, the adage "you get what you pay for" is more true in the case of testing services. Providers who charge less typically deal with volumes of people processing results on production-like schedules and presenting rudimentary interpretations without much, if any, application to your unique history and experience.
The completeness and quality of interpretation and personal attention required by savvy adults is simply not possible under these conditions, and certainly not at the standards provided for you here.

In addition, we have not found a single tool that will provide you with all the information you need to make a great career choice. Adults factor in multiple aspects of life and work to choose careers. We have pulled together the most powerful programs and packaged them with thorough one-on-one interpretive sessions so you get information that will change your career and how you manage it.

Get Career Decision Model from the Secret&Specials Library which outlines the key area of decision-making.

Professional Career Package
  Two assessment tools that produce an interpretive profile and brief report plus information booklet and a 55 minute interpretive phone sessions with an experience career specialist.

Comprehensive Career Package
  Five assessment tools covering each aspect of the career decision factors including self-scoring, cardsorts and interpretive profile reports... as well as two 55 minute interpretive phone sessions with and experienced career coach.

Career Advancement Package
  Three comprehensive assessments reports and profiles along with three 55 minute interpretive phone sessions with an experience coach.

Decision Clarity Package
  Two self-scoring assessments which measure your current situation and primary values , plus a values workbook along with a 25 minute interpretive session. If your current situation is stress-laden, the coaching services are recommended over this package.

Prices for these packages range from $99 to $399.

For information on prices and ordering, or to schedule an appointment, call Kathy at 1.800.331.944 or fax her at 303.738.9449 or email pathways@leadersecrets.com. USWest Employees must provide SSN to verify eligibility for Pathways Services at no Charge. Thankyou.





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