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You spend as much as one half of your waking hours at work. With amount of your life invested in work, you want to have a successful career. In part, achieving a successful career is dependent on your abilities to get the jobs you want. We provide the career skills training to build your career.

These services are useful for internal and external jobseekers as well as for large corporations with volumes of internal job opportunities. Corporations can use this for outplacement service needs. Having employees effectively communicate their skills and experiences are key to getting the best person for the job.

Power Resume

Learn what it takes to build a powerfully, effective resume. One that doesn’t just look pretty but gets you the interview. We’ll assess the power of your resume and teach you how to get the results you want with it.

Supply us with your resume and we will assess its "power" and provide you with the information to dramatically improve your resume. Few resume writing services provide the power - the right words and layout required by today’s electronic society. In addition, you get the key words that need to appear on your resume for your target job. Once you have re-written it, we will assess it once again and provide you with quick tips.


Win at the interview. Most jobs are lost in the interview by poor self presentation skills, weak self-confidence, miscommunication of skills and abilities, and lack of preparation. We teach you how to communicate effectively to win the job.

We supply you with the preparation materials which provide you with typical interview questions with appropriate types of responses. Once you have received them, we will practice your presentation until you communicate your competencies and experience effectively and easily. Several sessions may be required.


Make the right career moves so that opportunity will meet your efforts. Build 100 percent job security in this age of corporate mergers and restructuring. Find the path of least-resistance. Get noticed by people of power. Find a mentor, better yet an "angel", to show you the ropes and how to pull them.

We teach you the specific steps to take to manage your career successfully.

For information, fee structure or an appointment, call Kathy at 1.800.331.944 or fax her at 303.738.9449 or email pathways@leadersecrets.com. USWest Employees must provide SSN to verify eligibility for Pathways Services at no Charge. Thankyou.



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